Definition of anesthesia

The definition of anesthesia machine is to make the patient’s body or part temporarily lose the feeling of pain. The complete definition is to make the patient’s body or part temporarily lose consciousness and reflex by any means, to accept the surgical treatment smoothly, and to quickly and completely restore the original intuition and reflex after the operation.

Anesthesia is divided into general anesthesia and non-general anesthesia (local anesthesia).

General anesthesia is the feature of brain inhibition, completely lost consciousness, patients not only the feeling no pain, even scared, tired and uncomfortable feeling will be lost, and the patient do not have any voluntary or involuntary reflex, that is to say, the patients in the process of surgery, surgery will not have any reaction or impact. Because patients have no perception and corresponding reflex to the operation, sometimes because of this, doctors can not communicate with patients, patients can hardly maintain their own physiological functions, which will also bring a certain degree of risk to patients.

The method of general anesthesia has inhalation anesthesia law and injection anesthesia law generally two kinds.

Inhaled anesthesia involves inhaling a mixture of gases (to ensure a certain concentration of oxygen) to give the patient general anesthesia.

Injectable anesthesia is the injection of a liquid anesthetic into the body to give a general anesthetic.

Inhalation anesthesia and injection anesthesia, inhalation anesthesia is relatively superior to some, because during inhalation anesthesia, anesthesia mixture gas inhalation also has exhalation, anesthesiologist can adjust the concentration of anesthesia mixture gas at any time, in order to change the depth of anesthesia. When injecting anesthesia, it is not easy to change the depth of anesthesia. If the anesthesia is too deep or too shallow, sometimes to some extent, it will not only affect the operation, but also prone to life danger. So at present, the general anesthesia used in hospitals is mainly inhalation anesthesia.

Post time: Apr-13-2021