Hot sale Hme filter anesthesia and breathing system

Hot sale Hme filter anesthesia and breathing system

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Heat and moisture exchange filters are intended to replace the normal warming, humidifying and filtering functions of the upper airways when these structures are bypassed during anesthesia and intensive care.

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Product Code: BOT 111000

Application: used for filtering particles inside air ventilated by anesthesia machine and respiratory machine.

Type: Straight and Angled

Model: Adult and Pediatric

1. Medical-grade high quality raw material for outer shell;
2. High-efficiency filtering and humidification medium;
3. Good sealing, low breathing flow resistance and small dead space;
4. Suitable for breathing and anesthesia machines with different brand;
5. For single use only, to avoid cross infection.
6: Can be connected to all kinds of ISO-designed tube.
7. Low Breathing resistance.
8. Block particles, bacteria and other pathogens in anesthesia and breathing circuit from entering the respiratory system.
9: No need to heat and moisten.
10. Extend the life circle.
11. Luer Port and Cap.
12.Free sample can be provided
13. VFE≥99.999% BFE≥99.999%

Disposable Breathing Filter
Heat Moisture Exchanger Filter(HMEF)
Manufacturer of HME Filter
CE&ISO13485 certified
Good Quality Control&Resonable Price


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